Serious Manual™


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Serious Manual™

Branding like you mean it.

A good brand is alive — and so should be your brandguide:
Easy to understand, easy to keep up to date – with everything you need to share or download.

Time to let go of those old PDFs in a folder you can’t find.

Your strategy, logos, fonts, images and design templates: all of your brand elements centralized in one location — always up to date and easily accessible for anyone working with you.

Studio Hoekstra is based in Berlin with 15 years of branding experience. We spend our time and energy finding out what works best for our clients*. Serious Manual™ was born out of this effort and we constantly keep adding new functions and ideas to it. Buy & enjoy!

*They are mostly NGOs. Do you want to get serious for a charitable cause? Let us know for a special price.